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The Roger Sparling Group operate recycling services and waste management in Tavistock, West Devon.

We are often asked, do you recycle everything? With the waste we collect from you or that is brought to our site, we do recycle most things like white goods, wood and anything that has a future use.

For example, we recycle rubble and crush it so it can be used for track and agricultural road building. Plasterboard is sorted and inspected, taken to a plasterboard recycling centre which is then often turned back into plasterboard.

Paper and cardboard take a similar route to plasterboard. Wood is sent for shredding to be made into biomass pellets or future timber applications.

Not all products can be recycled because they are deemed to uneconomical or hazardous. We assess waste during our recycling process where everything is sorted, graded and processed.


Opening Times
8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday with last tipping time at 4.30pm. No booking is required.

Our 40 tonne and 50 tonne weighbridges are not public weighbridges but are open for easy access. Just turn up, weigh your waste and we issue a simple invoice (payment is required at the time of weighing and tipping if you do not have an account). The waste price is based on the contents of your vehicle or trailer.

Waste Disposal and Prices
Waste prices are the same pricing structure as our skip hire waste prices which can be view by clicking here.